7 Types of Life Insurance – Explained

  1. Term life insurance: offers protection for a set time frame and often has lower premiums.
  2. Whole life insurance (or permanent life insurance): gives coverage that lasts the entire policyholder’s life and frequently has a savings element.
  3. Universal life insurance: comparable to whole life insurance, but with more latitude in premium payments and death benefit sums.
  4. Variable life insurance: carries a higher level of risk but enables policyholders to invest a portion of their premiums in the stock market.
  5. Variable Universal life insurance: a mix of universal and variable life insurance.
  6. Return of premium term insurance: If the policyholder survives the period, all premium payments will be refunded.
  7. Survivorship life insurance: When the second person passes away, the policy for two people—typically a married couple—pays out a death benefit.

When selecting a type of life insurance, it is crucial to take into account your particular requirements and objectives. You can get advice from a financial or insurance agent to determine what is best for you.

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